Continually Reinventing Customer Relationship

An employee and a customer in the Las Palmas service station shop in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire.

New trends – digitalization of the customer experience, greater emphasis on product utility, increased energy efficiency – are transforming our customers’ expectations and their relationship with energy. At Total, we have an unwavering commitment to listening to our customers, which enables us to evolve with them and anticipate their needs. To preserve this close relationship, we focus on innovation and on delivering high-quality products and services.

Staying Close to our Customers

Total has always maintained strong ties with its business and retail customers. We want to strengthen these ties even further by offering more intimacy, more simplicity and more quality.

More than just selling products, we are reinventing our retail networks with service stations – now a focal point of community life – that offer a comprehensive line of motorist services encompassing a full range of environmentally friendly fuels.

We are also developing a new personalized customer relationship that leverages digital technologies to improve the customer experience at our retail outlets.

Offering Solutions that Promote Responsible Energy Use

million tons of carbon avoided thanks to the Total Ecosolution program since 2009

In a world faced with climate change and a growing population, energy is a valuable resource that needs to be used optimally. One of the main levers to curb the rise in energy consumption while preserving social and economic development is to improve energy efficiency. It is a key for ensuring a sustainable future.

The primary potential for savings lies in the use of our products, which is why our principal focus must be on customers. To help them consume both better and less, we are developing:

  • More energy-efficient products and eco-efficient services, thanks in particular to our Total Ecosolutions program.
  • Comprehensive "ready-to-use" solutions that enable customers to effectively manage their energy budget.
  • Consulting and management services to improve energy efficiency.

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